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Sketch Commissions Are OPEN and Holiday Discounts in Etsy!

Just a quickie post before I get to the meatier fun stuff this week. (Costumes! Art! SCA! Craft Shows! Action! Adventure!…well maybe not the last two). I’m  trying to raise some extra funds for the Holidays. I’m an auntie who loves … Continue reading

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Cins is Open to Commissions!

Now that I’m getting spare time to “go an Artin’” these days (and have a $2000 car repair bill that is hanging over my head right now *headdesk*),  I’ll be opening my Commissions up until the end of August!   What does … Continue reading

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Original Cin V2.0

Hello and welcome to the new and remodeled! UPDATES ARE POSTED BELOW THIS POST. I figured that after five years with no update, it was definitely time for a change.  And since my time lately has been a little … Continue reading

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