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  2. Dear Original,
    We met at La Jolla’s contemporary art museum last week when I admired, appreciated, coveted your necklaces which you were wearing-wonderful-and which you had “assembled”-wow! I was one of the two senior-senior women who arrived about an hour before closing. We talked. When you are ready to sell etc. let me know please. I once owned an orignial jewelry and folk art shop/gallery in Denver Co. for nine years. I now live in south Florida and came to SD in order to breathe better during the humid months as my lungs are tired and impaired. It happens. Healthy in all other ways. I am Donna McEncroe here ’tilll 9/30. 619-487-1511 and at Life can be fun even ‘tho the world is heavily burdened and the mind its own trickster and your life will be joy filled with your whimsical creativity. Hope to see you before I leave. Hope to wear your necklace one day.

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