San Diego Comic Con and Completed Comissions.

Thank you all for your constant patience and support during these last few months. They have been DOOZIES! I appreciate every single one of you who have told me to take care of life and family first. I really have some great blog followers, I do indeed!


Finally, life has granted me enough time to scan and post up the finished commissions that were destroyed in the great water bottle in purse incident in May. But first, a big announcement!

For the first time ever in the history of … um… ever, Original Cin will be vending at San Diego Comic Con International!


I, along with other extremely talented artist friends will have a booth in the vendors hall selling our prints, sculptures, jewelry, and other awesome geek crafts! This will be my first time having my work available at such a huge event. And even for a hobbyist like me, it’s a huge deal and a great opportunity. I am STOKED!

More info to come including what I will be offering and our booth location, coming soon!

Without further ado, the lost commissions of May!

thorfinThis one is my favorite of the trio. A fellow SCAdian commissioned me for a piece of him and his wife in their persona garb. I really enjoyed working on this one.

dragondemonaOne for my regular commissioner, Patrick. He requested His original character, Andrea dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Demona as her dragon.

randymeganI was really afraid this one was lost. It was a piece that was requested from a lovely couple at Wild West Fest in May. I was about to ship it out when it got water damaged. Luckily I managed to save it.

More announcements soon including SDCC sneak peeks and various sundries on Costumed Nonsense.

Cheers, all!

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Gaslight Gathering ReCap AT LAST.

Hello All!

I apologise for the long bout of silence here on my blog. Long story short; there are some serious family matters that are in need of my immediate attention. And well, family always comes before blogging. So my artistic life has been a bit on hold for a while until things settle down.
And unfortunately for this last round of commissions, there was a tragic accident involving my purse, an open bottle of water, and my sketch book full of already colored works. So if you were a part of this latest round of colored pieces, I’m afraid you may have to wait a teeny bit longer… because I have to start them all over from scratch.
I’m so sorry. Thank you very much for being so patient. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at egengarg (at) :)

GGSat2013-740I have a short costume recap on Costumed Nonsense with photos of my Fortune Telling Fish Woman. Ace and I had a blast playing “Sea Hags” and traveling table to table telling fortunes to attendees of the Steampunk Tea. You can find the article here.

So, on with the recap!

575517_599451676746829_1155542767_nThe Ladies of Wyng’d Lyon: Andee, Colleen, and me.

It was another fantastic Gaslight Gathering with Wyng’d Lyon Creations!  The best part about this years Gaslight is I managed to visit all three days instead of just two! Colleen and I were joined by Andee from Twylite Creations. She does amazing paper quilling items like pins, earrings, fans, and other amazing things that blow my mind to pieces. She offered to teach me, but I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. It took a tremendous amount of will power to say no. So instead she made me an adorable paper quilled Octopus pin in my favorite colors of Blue and Orange. Thank you Andee!

Check out Andee’s amazing work at Twylite Creations!

As usual, Gaslight has proven to be one of my all time favorite shows to work at. Here are a few photos of the awesome vending time we three ladies had!

428658_599564316735565_1367174562_nDay 1 of Vending! All of us looking spiffy!

310073_599498060075524_602949887_nOur booth in all its wonder!

935087_599500596741937_1641201920_nOur friend Dan makes fantastic steampunk weapons. This one was my favorite.

931430_599564726735524_1514384146_n (1)Ace dropped in all cowgirled out to visit us…

942763_599565043402159_436604794_n…And create SCANDAL!

179449_512832105420691_251601045_nWe’re a good looking bunch of laaaaaaadies. Photo by No Blondes! Photography.

And there is our quick recap of Gaslight told through the magic of photography.  As usual, I have some shout out to some awesome vendors:

Next update should come in another week or so when I have all the destroyed commissions restored.

Cheers everyone!

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A Surprise Visit to Wild West Fest!

It was a last-minute trip but one that was completely worth the last-minute planning!


Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations and I hit Wild West Fest over at the Calico Ghost Town in San Bernardino county.  It was a one day event celebrating steampunk in an old western setting. And considering my favorite sub-genre of steampunk is Wild West, I was completely at home!


The Wyng’d Lyon booth had plenty of room and plenty of people coming by. If you were one of the folks who came in for a chat, thanks so much! We both really enjoyed the people who came as well as the atmosphere!

IMAG0224 IMAG0225

I even had a couple bites for on the spot commissions! I love doing steampunk portrait works and always enjoy doing some quicky black and white pieces for people who come by the booth. Here are the two that I did at the fest:


I really should have caught this gentleman’s name. His steampunk garb was fantastic! I did not do it any justice I assure you. Very talented guy.


And this lady was positively adorable. She saw an earlier piece I was working on with a dragon and really wanted a dragon on her shoulder as well.


Since it was all Western themed, I had to haul out the Annabelle Leigh Langley costume. It fit so well with the scenery. Colleen had herself a fabulous wild west outfit as well.


Tah Dah!

To all those who I met at Wild West Fest, thank you for dropping by! I truly loved my time there and every person I met was fantastic and sweet as pie!  We can’t wait to come back!

Coming up next? Colleen and I will be hitting Gaslight Gathering in San Diego. More artwork and insanity to come!

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Happy April!

Once again, I’ve been way too quiet around here. But I’m back with stuff to show! Thanks for sticking with me, all. :)

I’m on round two of commissions and going strong! If you’re interested in a commission, you can join my Facebook page to snag yourself one!  I open commissions every couple of months.

SO many things have been going on lately and SO many pictures were taken! But first, lets start with a bit of artwork, shall we?

morgconlMy last commission from my first round. For Kandice, Her original Harry Potter character Morgana and her beau, Conall.

And here’s a few W.I.Ps for the next round! Forgive the lousy phone camera pics, I haven’t gotten to my scanner yet this week.


For Patrick. He wanted his Original Character, Andrea dressed as Danyeres from Game of Thrones and Demona from Disney’s Gargoyles as her dragon.

IMAG0200Half inked, I still need to put some details together for this one but here’s a commission for a fellow SCAdian of him and his lovely wife as their personas.


Still in sketch phase but here’s one for my friend Katie. A portrait of her based around the poem ‘Alone’ by Edgar Alan Poe.

Finished art will be soon to come! So much coloring is in my future! Until then, check out some photos of the wacky activities I’ve been up to.

Continue reading

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Modeling at Dr Sketchy’s and a Few Commissions!

Hey All!

I finally have a few minutes to do a quick update! Thanks for being so patient. I have a few commissions to show, plus I will be opening up to more commissions very very soon (watch the Facebook page!)

But before then, I’d like to announce that my friend Ace and I will be the next models for the San Diego Dr. Sketchy’s session in March!  Here’s the announcement from Dr. Sketchy’s website!

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, come and draw costumers, artists and full time geek girls Ace and Cinsangel at our March session:

IRISH FANTASTICALCostumers, artists and full time geek girls Ace and Cinsangel pose for Dr Sketchy’s San Diego March session, Sat March 16, 2013
Saturday March 16
3 – 6pm
at the Ruby Room

Drawing! Drinks! Contests! Prizes! Music!

Only $10

Reserve your seat here!

At the Ruby Room
1271 University Ave
San Diego CA 92103 (map)

21 & up

Join us for a for an afternoon inspired by mythical creatures and all things Irish and enjoy drawing, drinks and a carefully crafted music playlist (plus sweet treats from us!) and compete in silly contests for fabulous prizes!

Reserve  your spot now for the best seats!


So all you San Diego Art types, come over to Dr. Sketchy’s and give it a whirl! I will be offering up  Cthulu and Lady’s of Steam postcard sets as contest prizes as well. So if you’re looking for some fun sketch time with live models, and you’d like to just come over and say hi, drop in next Sunday!

And now, FINALLY here are some of the finished commissions from my round in January:



For Shaun, he requested his Anthro character, Shaun Pup in a Suit. LIKE A BOSS.



Another one for Shaun, an over due Christmas gift actually. Shaun Pup got a little wrapped up in his electrical work at Puppy Pack  Headquarters. Cindy Pup is not amused.



And Ace’s commission of a good friend of hers as a Convention Fairy Godmother.

I still have two more to finish up for Kandice and Katie. They are currently in their inking stages so I will have them done soon, ladies!

Until next time all!


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Dr. Sketchy’s Rises Again!

Its been a long while since I’ve gone to a Dr. Sketchy’s session. (And its been a long while since I updated, I know *hangs head in shame*). But I managed to catch a session in January and it was a BLAST!

This round the theme “Averted Mayan Apocalypse” with Lady Borgia and Remele Sparks of Keyhole Cabaret.

We had two amazingly gorgeous and viciously curvaceous models who gave us some awesome poses to draw. Here are the results:


10 minute pose. This one is my favorite.


10 Minute Pose.


Another 10 minute pose.

I’m hoping to catch another session in March! If not, there’s always April!

I will return soon with finished commission work! Thank you all who took in my first round of offers! For those of you who want to commission me, I will be announcing when I’m open on the Facebook page. So feel free to join if you want a chance at a slot.

Soon to come:

  • More artwork!
  • Costumes that are in progress!
  • ComicCon items I’m working on!
  • The elusive doll house post!
  • Mischief!
  • Mayhem!

Until next week!

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Run For Your Lives 5k 2012

I do have art coming! I just haven’t gotten to my scanner yet. But for now, here’s the tale from my experience at the Run For Your Lives 5k last year. :)

I Ran From Zombies… A True Story.

Continue reading

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I Survived Steampunk Symposium!


553189_546665592025438_1478372153_nAlas, I’ve been too tired to post an update right away. Shame on me! Well, no time like the present, eh? Hello all who grabbed my business card! Nice too see you again!

Colleen and I really had a BLAST this year. If you check out her blog at Wyng’d Lyon Creations, she really does a great job giving a good blow-by-blow of our weekend…plus a few mildly embarrassing photos of yours truly…ahem.


ANYWAYS, the weekend was a complete blast! A HUGE thank you to Colleen as usual, for letting me take up space in her booth for the con as well as being excellent company. Symposium is always a great time for us ladies. Hopefully, if all goes right with the world, it will also become a tradition for us as well.

IMG_0794As with every con I attend, there is usually some sort of crazy costuming happening. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.

If you head on over to Costumed Nonsense, you can find all the pictures Colleen and I took of our Steampunk attire there. It really was a grand time using The Queen Mary as a backdrop. Definitely an ideal spot for costume photos. I’m hoping next year to drag along some of my costumer friends along just for the photo shoots.  You can check out the photos here.

I didn’t get as many photos as I was hoping, mainly because I was busy doing booth duties, but I did snap a few pretties of the con!


This year, they moved the vendors to the Promenade deck. We were lucky to have this amazingly beautiful ball room as our second home.


Here we are, set up and in our Airship Pirate gear. Colleen and I are slowly putting together our personas for these costumes. So far I have a name for mine. First Mate, Zehara McGuinness… don’t ask. I was punch drunk when I came up with it. But I am sticking to it!

I was open to commissions during the weekend and I was amused by the sign Colleen and I put up. Since we’re both redheads, we had to make sure they knew which redhead was the one drawing:

739682_546204485404882_2079395180_oThat summed it up nicely, I thought.

Just, FYI, if you ever see me vending with Wyng’d Lyon, there’s a dang good chance I’m taking at least sketch commissions. Feel free to ask me if you’re interested!

The one event we had time to attend was the masquerade ball. And it was a blast! A great way to unwind from a full day of vending and just enjoy the con.


First and foremost though, I got to experience Lee Presson and the Nails for the first time.

IMG_0792Where have you been all my life, you amazing tiny man?!

I have been a lover of swing and rock-a-billy for a while now. I’m not hard-core but I’ve always casually enjoyed the genre. Believe me when I say these guys are FANTASTIC. Great sound, great performance, just all around great. And I found out they are from the Bay Area, my old stomping grounds. It makes me love them more. I really hope they find their way down to San Diego sometime. I will totally be on board with catching them in concert.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to wander the con to take photos of costumes. And there were quite a few wonderful ones. Here are the only two I managed to snag. But they are quite lovely.



I would make the promise that I will take more photos of costumes next con but we all know that’s not true. I’m a slacker.

So there you have it! As I mentioned earlier, I’m cutting back on my travels this year to save up money. So at this rate, my next con will be Gaslight Gathering in May. I’ll either be dancing again or helping Colleen on the vending front. Either way, I shall be there.

And I will soon have fresh new art to post next week!

ALSO, if you’re interested in commissioning me, be sure to follow the Facebook page! I will be announcing when I’m open for commission work there. I will only be opening 5 slots at a time so be sure to keep an eye out!

Until next time, CHEERS!

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Heading to Steampunk Symposium!

It’s that time again!  Time for conventions and other crazy travels!

Though this year I have a considerably less hectic con season that I’ve had in the past. Yeah, Cindy needs a wee bit of a mental and financial vacation and will be working on her Etsy Store more this year than traveling. Still, the few cons I am planning on attending are awesome ones!

017And our tour begins in Long Beach, Ca. this coming weekend! Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations and I will be at HRM Steampunk Symposium again this year, selling our wears and dressing up in our Steampunk garb …and probably laughing hysterically about the word pants again. Don’t ask, we were punch drunk.  We also plan to peek in on a few of the events this year since we heard such awesome things about the con itself.  Look out for the Wyng’d Lyon banner in the Vendor’s Hall (pictured to the left) to find us!

As usual, I will have my prints and hair clips available for purchase but this con I will be unveiling *drumroll*…


POSTCARDS! FINALLY! WOO!  After getting many requests, I’ve gotten postcard prints of some of my more popular pieces.

wealthylady nefariousladyauthorityladyexoticlady


So at Symposium, you can find 5″ X 7″ postcards of my four Cthulu’s as well as my four Lady’s of Steampunk drawings both individually and as full sets!  More of my other works will be available later on so if there is a particular piece you want offered in a 5″ X 7″ postcard size, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do another order.

IMG_0167I will also be offering on the spot sketch and black and white line commissions at the Wyng’d Lyon Booth. I’m not sure if I’ll be packing my markers this trip but if you desire color, please ask me when I’m there. we can work something out. :)

Prices for sketches are $10 for a 9″ X 12″ piece and $7 for a 6″ X 8″ piece. I love doing sketches of people’s Steampunk personas so please feel free to bug me if you see me with my nose in a sketch book!

Hope to see some of you at Steampunk Symposium!

Until then, Cheers, y’all!

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Happy Holidays from Original Cin!


Hello All! Sorry once again about the silence. Things over here get pretty hectic during the holiday season.


One of the reasons for the lack of posts was because I spent most of November participating in NaNoWriNo for the first time! Not only participated but I also made it to the 50,000 word count and met the goal !I really enjoyed my time writing and I think I’ll be trying my hand at it more often. To all my friends who dabble in writing and have toyed with the idea of trying this (You know who you are!) I highly recommend it. Its rather liberating!

If anyone is interested in seeing some of my short stories and articles I’ve been working on, please let me know and I’d be happy to share a few here on the blog.  I kind of love to share my insanity. But I’m assuming that if you read this blog, you’ve already figured that one out.

The rest of my time has been taken up by the crazy holidays

IMG_0498and other wacky activities  such as the Run For Your Lives 5k in October. It was a crazy time full of mud, obstacles, and of course zombies… Lots and lots of zombies. Its been three months and I still get sore just thinking about it!

Here’s a pic of my friend Schellen and I after our run. I’ll be posting a separate article on this probably next update. Oh I have stories to tell! So many stories to tell!

wpid-IMAG0019_1.jpgAlso, Commission News!

In the upcoming 2013, if you watch Original Cin on Facebook, I’ll be  trying something to keep me on my arty toes.

Throughout the new year, I’ll be offering discounted art commissions!  The catch is, I will only be opening four to five slots at a time and these will ONLY be announced on the Facebook page. Once the slots are filled, they’re filled and the next round will be another sneak attack!

 So if you’re wanting in, join the Facebook Page!

By the way, yes, that is our Christmas Tree. Yes, that is a Castiel Angel on top, made by my friend Jen… Yes, I may be getting a little into Supernatural. I’m not OVER the brink yet but teetering close.

And that’s about it for this Holiday post! I’ll be back soon with some sketches and costume weirdness soon… yeah, the same ol’ same ol’ around here.

Until then, thank you all for reading, looking, and hopefully enjoying and I hope you all have a happy Holiday!

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