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Original Cin Giveaway!! FREE STUFF!

That is correct! I’m doing a giveaway  run by the awesome Colleen of WyngdLyon Creations! If you head over to her blog and follow the rules, you can win a set of Lord and Lady Cthulu prints!   Colleen did … Continue reading

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A Plethora of subjects!

Subject #1 – I started a tumblr! I have no idea WHY I decided to start one but I sure did. It’s extremely random now but I’ve been having fun posting strange things to it. If you want to follow … Continue reading

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Studio Tour

Quicky notes before the next blog entry! Costumed Nonsense! 12th Night Dress! Jazz Hands! Link Here! Etsy Store! New Stuff! Involving Flowers and Girly Crap! Link Here! Okay, got that out of my system. ONWARD!      I’m not sure why … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, here’s your Con.

And a Happy New Year to all! I’ve had plans of grandeur to update immediately in 2012…yeah we see how well that went over, right? The truth is I have tons of things to scan and photos to post. Alas, I’ve been sitting … Continue reading

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Two Craft Shows Tomorrow! Come Say Hi!

Well I was planning on putting up a post about my last SCA event which was awesome! …but it appears that my camera has gone M.I.A. Chances are I left it behind at the event, never to return. Bummer. Ah … Continue reading

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Sketch Commissions Are OPEN and Holiday Discounts in Etsy!

Just a quickie post before I get to the meatier fun stuff this week. (Costumes! Art! SCA! Craft Shows! Action! Adventure!…well maybe not the last two). I’m  trying to raise some extra funds for the Holidays. I’m an auntie who loves … Continue reading

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Halloween Hangover…

Well not really, to be honest. But it seemed like an appropriate title. October was a wonderful time! I miss my favorite month already. It was full of fantastic events including an epic Halloween party and a great anniversary trip … Continue reading

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