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Sketches, Sketches, and MORE Sketches!

Its been far too long since I did some leisurely sketching for myself. And over the last month, I managed to get a few in. GO ME! Trust me, with my schedule, this is no easy feat. It felt good … Continue reading

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Sorry About the Silence! I’m Back!

Its been a crazy couple of months full of tons of activities. Enough to keep me away from blogging for a while. Oye! Granted, the holidays start-up an entire different type of busy. But its more along the crafty side of … Continue reading

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Disneyland Halloween Awesomeness!

Its been a week.  A crazy insane week full of complete awesome! October is always my favorite month. Autumn begins, Halloween approaches, and of course my anniversary with Mr. Max (four years now!). Once again, Mr. Max indulged the Disneyphile … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from the Chateau de Nom Nom!

I know I know… I’ve been absent.  I’m a bad, bad blogger *hangs head in shame* But I have a good excuse!  Okay, the excuse is only good for me, I’ll admit that. First, Great Western War totally snuck up … Continue reading

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Dapper Days, Commissions, and Art!

To say life has been trying and busy is an understatement. But I’m hanging in there and still sketching away! Though my sewing has been falling to the wayside. I’ll have to do something about that… Costumed Nonsense is updated! … Continue reading

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Steampunk Themed Commissions Now Open!

Yup! Summer time brings on the need to be artistic (and also a need to not rest on my laurels since I slack off with sketching during the summer). So to help feed the need as well as earn a little … Continue reading

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Another Day at Disneyland.

I say that as if it’s a BAD thing. Today is my birthday. I am now 36 years old. And I’m still nothing more than a big kid with big boobs.  And luckily my amazing husband likes to indulge that… … Continue reading

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Last month my husband, Max surprised me with an overnight trip to Disneyland for our 3rd year anniversary. I’m a huge Disney nut and he decided to put up with the fact that I am a huge Disney nut by … Continue reading

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