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Sketches, Sketches, and MORE Sketches!

Its been far too long since I did some leisurely sketching for myself. And over the last month, I managed to get a few in. GO ME! Trust me, with my schedule, this is no easy feat. It felt good … Continue reading

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Run For Your Lives 5k 2012

I do have art coming! I just haven’t gotten to my scanner yet. But for now, here’s the tale from my experience at the Run For Your Lives 5k last year. :) I Ran From Zombies… A True Story.

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Happy Holidays from Original Cin!

Hello All! Sorry once again about the silence. Things over here get pretty hectic during the holiday season. One of the reasons for the lack of posts was because I spent most of November participating in NaNoWriNo for the first … Continue reading

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The finish line!…And Back at it Again THEMED COMMISIONS OPEN

Sorry about the lack of updates last week. It has been a crazy busy summer and I’ve been running around like a… well… crazy person. Seems to be my usual agenda in the summertime, running around like a crazy person. Anyways, … Continue reading

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Commissions Dumping Post.

Another round of commissions I have finished! Woot! A Book Cover for my friend Carmen Rane Hudson. If you like Urban Fantasy, definitely check out her work. You can find more info here! Just a work in progress right now. I’m working … Continue reading

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Labyrinth of Jareth 2012

Oh HOLY cow, was it a good time! I mean a REALLY good time! Best LoJ yet! Here we all are; Ellyn, Me, Jen, and Ace all decked out for Friday night. I only went one night but WHAT a NIGHT! There were … Continue reading

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Steampunk Themed Commissions Now Open!

Yup! Summer time brings on the need to be artistic (and also a need to not rest on my laurels since I slack off with sketching during the summer). So to help feed the need as well as earn a little … Continue reading

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My First Dr. Sketchy’s Session!

I have heard of Dr. Sketchy from other artist friends on the east coast and from L.A. but I had no idea there was a San Diego branch! Score!   I accidentally stumbled upon their website while doing a random google search and … Continue reading

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More Fun with April Drawing!

April Drawing Challenge has really has been a great exercise for me. Okay, granted, right now I’m a day behind. I ended up passing out for the night before I could crack my sketchbook open last evening. So I’ll be pulling double duty … Continue reading

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April Drawing Catch Up Post!

It’s not that I have been behind on the drawing… It’s that I’ve been behind on the SCANNING. I’m a lazy scanner. I’ll admit that. So I sat down last night and pretty much scanned all my drawings that I’ve … Continue reading

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