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My First Dr. Sketchy’s Session!

I have heard of Dr. Sketchy from other artist friends on the east coast and from L.A. but I had no idea there was a San Diego branch! Score!   I accidentally stumbled upon their website while doing a random google search and … Continue reading

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More Fun with April Drawing!

April Drawing Challenge has really has been a great exercise for me. Okay, granted, right now I’m a day behind. I ended up passing out for the night before I could crack my sketchbook open last evening. So I’ll be pulling double duty … Continue reading

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April Drawing Catch Up Post!

It’s not that I have been behind on the drawing… It’s that I’ve been behind on the SCANNING. I’m a lazy scanner. I’ll admit that. So I sat down last night and pretty much scanned all my drawings that I’ve … Continue reading

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Look Ma! I’m Published!

I’m in a book! An actual book! No! Seriously, I AM published! See? That’s my name, right there! I was lucky enough to participate in the anthology, I Was a Teenage Gargoyle. It’s a wonderful book on early internet fandoms and … Continue reading

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Fairies and Steampunk OH MY!

Another quickie art post! A way over due picture I did for Colleen from Wyng’d Lyon Creations. Here she is, all dolled up as a gothy fairy. I’m really happy with how this turned out. Also, a quick sketch of … Continue reading

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I’m sure those that follow my blog or my deviantart gallery see a slew of original characters all over the place. That’s because I have an overactive imagination. I’ve been one of those crazy daydreamers since I was a kid. Things have … Continue reading

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