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April Drawing Catch Up Post!

It’s not that I have been behind on the drawing… It’s that I’ve been behind on the SCANNING. I’m a lazy scanner. I’ll admit that. So I sat down last night and pretty much scanned all my drawings that I’ve … Continue reading

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A Plethora of subjects!

Subject #1 – I started a tumblr! I have no idea WHY I decided to start one but I sure did. It’s extremely random now but I’ve been having fun posting strange things to it. If you want to follow … Continue reading

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Quicky Sketch and Story Timez!

Meet Matthew “Mutt” Raffney and his personal assistant/bodyguard, Brigitte. These two are from a Dresden Files online RPG game I dabble in. I play Brigitte because I really suck at playing a guy. Mutt is a chain-smoking, heavy drinking, foul-mouthed … Continue reading

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Sketch Commissions Are OPEN and Holiday Discounts in Etsy!

Just a quickie post before I get to the meatier fun stuff this week. (Costumes! Art! SCA! Craft Shows! Action! Adventure!…well maybe not the last two). I’m  trying to raise some extra funds for the Holidays. I’m an auntie who loves … Continue reading

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Halloween Hangover…

Well not really, to be honest. But it seemed like an appropriate title. October was a wonderful time! I miss my favorite month already. It was full of fantastic events including an epic Halloween party and a great anniversary trip … Continue reading

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A Quicky Art Post

I totally forgot I scanned this one already. Just a quick line drawing I did for a friend of an old Gargoyles RPG online called Shattering Utopia. My character Roberta “Robbie” MacKennzie, a mutated human and Marcus Donovan ex black … Continue reading

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Tribute to Steampunk…Sorta

So this weekend I’ll be at the Gaslight Gathering! San Diego’s first steampunk convention! I’m quite excited about this mainly because I will be belly dancing at the con all day Saturday. Okay well, Maybe excited is not the right … Continue reading

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