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Sorry About the Silence! I’m Back!

Its been a crazy couple of months full of tons of activities. Enough to keep me away from blogging for a while. Oye! Granted, the holidays start-up an entire different type of busy. But its more along the crafty side of … Continue reading

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Heading to San Diego Comic Con! Come say Hi!

Just a real quickie update! Summer always brings crazy busy times of “OMG I NEED TO GET ALL THINGS DONE AND GO TO ALL THESE INSANE EVENTS!” … such is my way. And my last nerd event is on the … Continue reading

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Potrero War Recap

I live! Honest and truly I do! Sorry about the hiatus. War recovery tends to take longer than expected what with the laundry, the cleaning, the extremely long shower to get all the dirt off, and so on. But I’m back, … Continue reading

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Gaslight and Potrero War!

I’m posting a bit early this week since Monday I’ll be whisked off to May Potrero War. I’m VERY excited for my vacation! I totally need one. I managed to find some great photos of our performance at Gaslight Gathering. … Continue reading

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And We are BACK from Gaslight!

Sorry about the delay in my usual updates. I needed a day to recover. It was a whirl wind of a con but one that was insanely fun. Even more fun than LAST year! I really love the steampunk community … Continue reading

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More Fun with April Drawing!

April Drawing Challenge has really has been a great exercise for me. Okay, granted, right now I’m a day behind. I ended up passing out for the night before I could crack my sketchbook open last evening. So I’ll be pulling double duty … Continue reading

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April Drawing Catch Up Post!

It’s not that I have been behind on the drawing… It’s that I’ve been behind on the SCANNING. I’m a lazy scanner. I’ll admit that. So I sat down last night and pretty much scanned all my drawings that I’ve … Continue reading

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